was not noticed to have become suddenly anaemic. The pain
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the early stages the progress may be retarded by treatment. The
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The ordinary commercial catgut (No. 1 to 3) is vigorously
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ship with the frontal sinus and the anterior fossa of the skull ;
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litic disease of the arteries may lead, by rupture, to cerebral hemor-
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employed. Irrigation of the colon once daily with cold water, gradu-
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Definition. — ^An acute, specific, infectious disease; both epidemic
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and also condemned. For the adenitis, applications of belladonna
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Causes. — Cold and exposure; arrested menses; arrest of a habitual
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of the importance of a knowledge of this matter. When confined to the
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Symptoms. — The onset may be sudden, even overwhelming, caus-
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In rare instances, the disease begins abruptly with a chill, followed
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normal relations with the outside world are restricted, and in which
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but there are many instances where no such local infection has been
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of round, epithelioid and spindle-shaped cells, and scattered amongst
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