that it furnishes some element essential to the digestion and assimilation
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are prominent symptoms. It is only after repeated attacks that the
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metamorphosis occurs in various spots in the thickened pia mater.
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The fracture may be simple, or compound, depending upon whether
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tender, and swollen. Otherwise it may give rise to no symptoms and be
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manner as when the cavity is filled with fluid, although the opening (as from
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come invisible. There is always diminished refraction, and there may be
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When such a kidney is examined microscopically, it may be found to
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the disease, when coryza is a prominent symptom, before the appearance
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while (liirinn: llie exacerbation the teinporaturc retains nearly the same
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eases of an infectious nature, middle ear disease, syphilis, tuberculosis,
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some time before exposure an uneasy sensation in the affected side, attended
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Treatment. — In the new-born the treatment should be that described in
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walls. As a result of these changes, new vessels appear in the substance of
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typhoid, etc The testicle becomes enlarged, swollen, and extremely
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Containing Particulars of the moat Suitable Sailing BoatB and Yachts for Amateurs,
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always out of proportion to the activity of the heart and strongly dicrotic.
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history of alcoholism, prolonged wasting disease, or one of high living and
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the period varies from fourteen to twenty days. Undoubtedly there are
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The relations between cardiac hypertrophy, arterial and renal disease
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in like manner, directly or indirectly interfere with the return circula-
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sorption of the products of inflammation. It may be, in some cases, the
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Treatment. — Its treatment is palliative. The principal things to be ac-
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nutrition must be kept as perfect as possible to guard against cardiac de-
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fluid. The alkalinity is due toammoniacal decomposition. The vomiting
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pools or sewers, and thus become a means for the conveyance of impure
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Not all micro-organisms can be colored by this method. Tho-se that
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tem, or the roots of the spinal nerves, and a general depressed condition
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tic than normal. The process begins in the lower lobes and then becomes
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Traumatic or Wound Fever. —There are various grades of traumatic
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bronchitis but not a pneumonia rate. Lobar pneumonia is more prevalent
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be considerable absorption of septic materials from the gangrenous area
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face and neck are usually warm, moist, and flushed during the admin-
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pecially liable to it. Those over three years are less liable to it. Over-
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It becomes ammoniacal and will contain ropy mucus ami pus. The ab-
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asthma. Prolonged low-pitched expirations exist in emphysema; in asthma
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formed, and their color becomes dark. SucIj changes are similar to those
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cause of the disease, and may excite more or less of a catarrhal inflam-
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vere paroxysms of pain, which gradually increase in severity until a series
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nection with some forms of heart disease leads to the development of cir-
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by little they lose their nuclei and become transformed into a homogene-
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hemorrhage and sudden collapse. Bullet wounds are not so serious.
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Methods of Reduction. — The flexion should be exaggerated. Should
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ing of the lower extremities follows ; this closely resembles that which is
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dropsy, from intercurrent diseases, rupture of the ducts, or with brain
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acute disease except typhus fever. Eecovery is rapid when convalescence
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the oesophagus they may enter the larynx and cause severe fits of coughing.