ditis. Pneumonia is a somewhat rare complication ; it adds greatly

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and about i inch x ^ inch in extent, no doubt a tuberculous

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The more severe pneumonic condition is denoted by more rapid

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Inf. sarsaparillsB. . . .q. s. ad f Siij &d 90 c.c.

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result if albumin is present. A diffuse pink ring, slightly above

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school in Grange Road, Bermondsey, and that while there

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culties which used to surround the explanations of the clinical

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two years ago, showed : Red cells, 5,000,000; white cells, 185,000; haemo-

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Prognosis. — ^The outlook is unfavorable in all fonns. In trau-

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probably preferable, as the use of a brush is liable to terrify the child,

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the intervals become shorter and shorter until the individual entirely

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kidneys, and pancreas. The small arteries are affected with endar-

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consistency. On section, the surface is homogeneous, anemic, and

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0.2 c.c.) for children, four times daily, are of value. Creosote, gr.

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poisons, potassium iodide shotdd be administered; and in the presence

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porates from them (Lazarski) , Lister has proposed to mix the bichloride

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effusion with less range of motion due to adhesions, smaller area of

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stant on the face, less persistent, and less staining, though liable to

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to injuries of the chest walls, or muscular exertion. Tuberculosis is

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presence of two distinct groups spondating on alternate days gives

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with steep, well-defined margins and flattened top. The base of the

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ticle is recognized as a hard, painless, tumor of the body of the

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traction would ha\'e to be concentrated upon the very end of

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"cramp." The hands are thrown into a position such as they as-

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later period of life. There may be hyperaemic patches of skin over

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granular. There is cloudy swelling of the liver, kidneys, and other

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which is raised, very much as a mole undermines the ground. It

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average being about nine days, although complications and sequels

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The improvement, however, is but temporary, for during the

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semilunar space. The fluid changes its level with different positions

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are usually seated in a circumscribed patch, while in seborrhea, as

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Pathological Anatomy. — ^The ntunber of red blood corpuscles is

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considered to enter by the anus, the mouth, or the nostrils. Any

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distant parts through the blood or lymph channels, and having

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much abdominal pain and discomfort often result in the