D. CLAPP. JR. at 184 Washington Street, corner of Franklin Street, to whom all commnnicatlona

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microscopical examination. These tubercles were placed very thickly near

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by Bramwell to be analogous to the sweating and diarrhoea to which some

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Malgaigne is a private lecturer, who has distinguished himself by

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it could not slip into the cavity. This instrument I introduced into the

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The elimination of arsenic takes place primarily by the kidneys and

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Pulmonary abscesses, sometimes multiple, may result from pneumonia,

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during thyroidectomy on numerous occasions, even when no particular

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out after sun-down, as, whatever the truth may be as to the fall of

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of the urinary organs, particularly catarrh of the bladder, chronic ne-

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disease does not come to a crisis until the end of the fifth or beginning

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bitually take several glasses a day — who cannot deny themselves when-

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acts superficially and exhilarates the vessels of the skin, it is also of considerable

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Surgery the latest procedure, and the most advanced technic, as practised by the ^

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Between the attacks, as Trousseau accidejitally discovered, the paroxysm

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other journals. Shortly after his settlement in Philadelphia, he became

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and neuralgic pains in various parts of the body are not infrequent. Giddi-

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DOC less eflicient in resolving atonic erythematic inflammation of the

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The form of dissociated anaesthesia which occurs in this disease and

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The treatment consists in putting the patient' at once upon a thorough

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cough loose, it is well to give a mixture containing ipecacuanha, iodide of

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enlargement of spleen, with pyrexia and tympanites, resembling an attack

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restlessness and anxiety, the mind often remaining clear to the end. Cramps

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For neuralgic cases, hacking, nerve-frictions, vibrations, strokings, and

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infection by the use of serum was made by Marmoreck in 1895. The

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withheld, or given with extreme caution, when the blood is imperfectly

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chiefly, if not entirely, its present and past location. In connection

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seal, on which is stamped the number of immunising units. This plan is

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always considered his appointment a happy choice, and the skill and

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real indulgence, and masturbation, under particular circumstances, are

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never appeared except when the patient complained of some derange-

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the spinal column. It acts almost entirely on the neck. Casey's ap-

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the tissue elements of the pulp. If the condition persists, or happens

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Ther students are provided with a room In Dr. Lewis's house, where they have accen to a large