of known etiology, such as influenza, it may be due to a different infection,

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mental or physical exertion, such as reading or housework, quickly becomes

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and long-lived. In general, however, the experience with lightweights is

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frequent, but not uniform. Kirk reported a patient who had thirteen children

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auricular valves to ojien. Here a^'ain. then, the ventriele is a clo.sed cavit.v.

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l.riwcrii till' two, lii'i-aiiNc of tlic irii'iit MilHlivisioii of iIm- orisriniil I'lif-

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associated interstitial or parenchymatous nephritis in other portions of the

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Relationship Among Acidosis Conditions, Alveolar CO, and Respir

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Extent and Oeographical Distribution.— Osteomalacia has been con-

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recurrence of these cramps and their painful character seriously interfere

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The early descriptions of these skulb were in part based on the study of

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certain people treated for goitre with iodine preparations. This is alto-

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niiilri'llli's 111 iiuilliisi', it lii'iii'.'' rliiiniril liy ^ninr llnit tliis is ^ii'i'iini|ilisliri|

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questions the correctness of the diagnosis in the cases of Brisson.

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investigate carefully the prostate gland and seminal vesicles. The contents

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In order that this transportation of L'a.ses lietween the luntrs and th'

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'ir atmosphere suironndiinr it. Since lilood contains alkali the coiid'

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subcutaneous tissues, which become sclerotic and bind the skin tightly to

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characterized by persistent oedema of the legs. The disease affected 22

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involved. Conseauently, for many of this group the designation fibrositis

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fusiform-like swelling or project into the bladder.

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mind that one of Oppenheim's cases turned out, four years later, to be a

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diffuse or very localized. I have seen the very tip of the tongue mvofved.

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cephalus; Hansemann, 8 cases of anencephaly with atrophy. Wiesel observed

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Iniffir siilistaiice.< present in the Cdrpusclcs nia.\ also he used. This intra-

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ililcct cM-iljitiiiii III' till' criitci' 1111111 <•. ilrlirirni'V is pnssildc.

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right in 14, and the left in 10 cases. The condition is usually not as marked

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calculi, according to the number present, as the "solitary," or "lone,' and

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The muscles may be tender on pressure, and in some cases definite areas

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I'.isiih's atTcctiii^r the rate ami slri'M^'th of tlio hcarthcat. the va^iis also

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rhage from a hypernephroma, it seems very probable that it would soon recur

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till iiliiliiiUi'll I |il'iitliliiliiliili I , «jiirli lirciiliirs n iini'il ri I illtii I liri'lllliili li'.

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Observations of practical value have lieen made on the behavior of th'

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those results is to the elTcct ih.-it preparations of trypsin- the so-calh-l

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much service. For the pain opium in some form has to be used, at first

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times observed; Neusser has reported a case of pernicious anaemia; pseudo-

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'leemeil siil'tieieiit pressure tn I'mer the siiliitinii intn the tiiluiles. ami h.v

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soups may be taken more freely. Raw eggs are probably more harmful

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III' ilisa])i)earaMcc of the pulse in the capillaries an<l its eiiiiscq\ient

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