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improvised by putting a large mackintosh sheet under the patient,

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Causes. — The eruption and consequent neuralgic pains are the

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In the diagnosis of recurrent vomiting, it is quite clear that

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and ankylosis of joints are not uncommon sequelae, suppuration is

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in the time at his disposal it is impossible for him to form for himself

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carefully regulated, eliminating all fatty and saccharine substances

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protection against any further attacks may be conferred by the first.

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is very doubtful. From outbreaks recorded as having taken place

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Dry catarrh is characterized by a harsh cough, a feeling of sore-

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An outbreak, occurring in 1879, has been reported by Dr. Cheadle,

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order of the mediastinum; 17. anterior border '' ''

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should be applied to the head to relieve the intense headache. In

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A preparation very popular in London, known as Coster's paste,

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coagulation of the milk. Rennet does not exist primarily as such,

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Pathognomonic symptoms are those especially indicative of cer-

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least so during the spring and summer, the minimum usually being

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the spasm nothing can be heard in the chest with the stethoscope

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as meningitis, cerebral abscess, congestion of the lungs, ulcerative'

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dullness downward, undulatory impulse, and clear and distinct heart

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the stomach after which a skiagraph is taken. According to Boas,

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made worse by movement of head or neck and by swallowing; fever

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is perhaps the one most to be relied on, but the patient's pre-

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to operative treatment, are present. The important point is

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and tenacious, or may at first be quite absent. As the case

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all the structural characteristics of miliary tubercles (epithelioid

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show a strong self -consciousness, and their egotism is intense'*