and soon passes off, being replaced by the insensitiveness produced by the
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bile, the liver and kidneys appear duskily congested and full of
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In time of war , the best method for its preparation is that of
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occurrence in neurotic women, and the absence of calculi in the stools,
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The most profitable classification may, perhaps, be made
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convulsions ; there is, in many such cases, an antecedent
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is present; the patient is feverish and restless; and the gastrointestinal
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If the irritation was not very severe the affection may subside after
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da3rs, add 20 gm. protein (3 eggs) and thereafter 15 gm. protein daily
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must see that its position does not become shifted when the patient
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calamity. Too often the dilatation of the heart produced by the
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Causes. — Stenosis of the pylorus such as results from cancer,
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tion of the liver, cyanosis, dyspnea, and^ obstinate dropsy. These
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been amply sufficient to cause dilatation of the ventricular
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of a very large quantity of pale, watery urine, free from albtmiin and
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blood corpuscles in the urine; in the other condition red cells are
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posing causes. The incubation period is from three to five days.
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be administered with good effect ; nitroglycerine in the form of the
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are intermittent, and there may be long periods of freedom from pain;
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Bertrand Edward Dawson, M.D., B.Sc, M.R.C.P. Assistant Physician to
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running to catch a train, may produce either fatal syncope,
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of danger, for it is usually associated with great increase of the
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Definition. — ^A pronotmced anemia met with chiefly in young girls
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loin, occurring after prolonged exertion, will alone remain.