lation. Occasionally the valves are covered with fibrinous masses,

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is so sudden, and the malady so rapid in its course, that structural

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separation, and neither of them conforming to one fixed and definite

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reaction may usually be obtained by the seventh day, and has been

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air, good food, salt baths, massage, and similar hygienic measures

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the disease the amount of urea excreted is markedly increased, and

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morning, with scanty, glairy expectoration. As the deposition of

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of ascitic fluid was large. Further, if the disappearance of the

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There are in addition a number of fatal cases, which do

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the so-called rheumatismal form of tuberculosis, which is insisted upon by

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purgation, diuresis, and diaphoresis are required. For the algid

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(crumpled gauze , sponges , cushions of peat , moss , sawdust , etc.) and

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Under the conditions, in which Gull was placed, and

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stage in the development of the spirilla, and that other stages take

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testis, or 15-7 per cent., which is a far higher proportion than

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removal of the scales by scratching. There is no watery discharge at

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most often ^encountered in diabetes and similar wasting diseases.

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Symptoms. — The disease declares itself by a rigor, soon

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attended by severe constitutional symptoms — pyrexia (102° to

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reduced to thrice daily, and this should be continued for a week or

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characteristic feature of these phenomena is the way in which they

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symptoms are well defined. In some instances there are rigors and

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is not surprising that his thoughts turned from the sea to

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regions, but the swelling is rarely very great, or attended with much

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