can be prevented by any means at our command ; — that perhaps
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Symptoms. — Chloasma is simply a discoloration of the skin,
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During the whole of the treatment the opsonic index was only
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IJ. Hydrargyri chloridi corrosivi gr. J^g 0.0015 gm.
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'^ If I am anything, I am a clinical physician," said Gull ot
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epistaxis is common, and muscular tremor pronounced. Delirium
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studded with minute nodules simulating those of tubercle ; more
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These phenomena may easily escape notice, but they are of great
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glands contains the elements of the urine, and particularly urea.
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The Revue internationale de medecine et de chirurgie points out that the
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Any suppurating centre should always be examined for tetanus
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Potassium permanganate; turpentine^ old and acid, con-
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organism has been discovered not only in the exudation, examined
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5 greatly improved, 3 improved, and 5 were ifi stain quo.
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products are being excreted. For example, in syphilis and tuberculosis
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occur as dtunb-bell shaped crystals or octahedral crystals. Their
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summer. At these Congresses, the meetings of the Medical
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becoming more and more obscured, and finally disappearing alto-
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by the second, spasmodic, or furious stage. The muscles of the
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perforation (6 per cent.), peritonitis, fatal hemorrhage, or recovery
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it is usually possible to separate two layers of the tunica
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plete and with each succeeding attack the part becomes larger. In
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exchange of air ; and, with a given allowance of floor-space to
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yielded some most important results, is very difficult to apply at the bed-
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indeed the soil bears any part in the life-history of the parasite,
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Treatment — ^As soon as the diagnosis has been made (and even
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and tender, feels rigid, and closely resembles the condition of
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renal or splenic tumour, and the fingers cannot be got under
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withdrawal of the poison, combating any resulting adynamia with
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discovered in the pus of these abscesses. Sometimes the affection
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Prognosis. — In the aged, and in patients suffering from Bright's
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tincture of the chloride of iron, Itlxx (1.3 c.c.) every three hours,
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M. S. — Half tablespoonful, repeated in two hours.
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infectious. The writer, however, found what appeared to be direct
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tion as early as possible. Milk diet, digitalis, and protection of the
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may follow exposure to intense cold, protracted irritation of the
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sounlis, produced when mucous or other liquids accumulate in this
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plaster , without observing antiseptic precautions , is in danger of legal