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very short intervals ; for example, 10 or 15 grains every hour,
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(Messrs. Bun-oughs Wellcome & Co., London, E.G.)
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M. S. — ^Every two hours, for a child of one year.
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especially if attended with any sore throat or nasal discharge, such as
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patient is inchned to swallow it. From this time onwards a warm
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ness, perhaps with blisters. It is seldom that there is any burning
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the poor, as is that of a church during a Sunday evening service than that
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anti-toxic serum. Further, by the introduction of small quantities of this
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dusted with calomel, aristol, or similar powders. The parts may
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articles — ^fomites; (3) from the discharge of the nose and throat of
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countries, as in Ireland, the recognition of the disease is attended by
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sometimes applied to this condition, the history may be of
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differences of bacteriology and morbid anatomy, have been thought
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strength by suitable foods. Ordinary diet soon becomes inadequate
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of other individuals and develops gradually with sighing, meaningless
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is common. Death usually terminates the affection in a week to
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cardium. The blood may be deficient either in quality or
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usually syphilitic. Under ordinary circumstances it seems to occur
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Synonyms. — Sudamen; miliaria crystallina (Hebra).
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Conq>lications. — Intestinal hemorrhage is the most frequent and
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slightly raised hypersemic margins and paler centres, or larger areas
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to eight days, or even longer, are probably to be explained by the
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creasing the force of its beat, in harmony with the action of
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discomfort and revival of spirits. These are favorable signs, and a
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and partial occlusion of the transverse colon. Other observers
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Trypsin, 320 ; Trypsin Treatment of Cancer, 321 ; The Aqueous Humour,
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appointments, or follow some private occupation. One of
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tissue, separating the muscular layers until the surface of the
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3. It should prevent the decomposition of the discharges (anti-
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dicular portion of the " I " being situated well towards the
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Recently I have had wipers made of wood-fibre, wrapped in
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vein, and the inferior with the pterygoid plexus through the
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cease in one or more joints and abruptly appear in others.
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A curative serum has been prepared and employed, but, so far,
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Diagnosis. — ^The history, course, paroxysmal character, and varia-
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water) are efficient remedies. The injection ought not to be
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gelatin paints are also used and should be applied with the lips apart,
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Definition. — ^An infectious inflammation of the vesical mucous