She stated that since this attack her urine had been " thick."

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in the neighbourhood of a boil must be protected by collodion, and

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the left ventricle was practically of normal size, holding only

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mons Veneris, and may extend to the surrounding parts, especially

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memory, emotional disturbances, and a gradually advancing dementia

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are the result. Each fever has its course divided into a series of stages,

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nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may occur. Disorders of vision

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in large and neglected abscesses, as it is unnecessary. As

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Hysteria. — This may produce opisthotonus and trismus, but

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anaesthetic shall be given." Mr. Wallis then describes how, under local

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prickling, tingling, and burning sensations of a most aggravated

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persistent character, containing blood in the advanced stages, enlarge-

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dealt with the same subject, it becomes obvious that the

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Diuresis should be promoted by dry or wet cupping, poultices

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How do they control the bleeding ? Ligatures cannot be

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swelling of the joints and stiffness of muscles, nausea, vomiting, con-

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is extremely delicate and will detect i part of hydrochloric add in

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Treatment Pediculosis Capitis, — The most effective application

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17) have shown most encouraging improvement, which I am

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systematized delusions of persecution, of unseen or impossible

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controllable than it should be in a healthy person."

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pation, menstrual irregularities, anemia, chlorosis, circulatory dis-

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The prognosis is always grave. Dr. Machell thinks that,

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small quantities in many foods, and in much larger quantities

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be greatly aggravated by attempts at treatment by members of

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urinary solids excreted. Since it is the needs of the tissues them-

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one-sided paralysis, and an absence of the urinary s3rmptoms com-

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Definition. — ^An acute, infectious, and epidemic fever; highly

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mass. These should act in six or eight hoturs after they have been

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