will not bake. They can not roast or stew beef, for
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On November 24, 190S, the patient entered Harper Hos-
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serves that heredity plays a role in the general in-
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disappeared. Also stated that at this time he was feverish
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feel disgusted, abandoned, enraged has happened to me
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2. Educational Methods in the Antituberculosis Cam-
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scientific, and critical — which enabled Professor
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patient is the most important factor in these condi-
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tion is not too prolonged, do not cause anaemia, but,
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Service, analyzes the tifty--ix deaths directly at-
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hours and finally necessitating nasal packing. White blood
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Officers. — The following officers were elected :
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ards states that stigmata of degeneration are impor-
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The posterior wall was the seat of such extensive thick-
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The patient could give no history. The family seemed
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occurred in cachectic and practically moribund her-
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study lirmlv impresses the fact that individual de-
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Daniel. — In Atlanta, Georgia, on Tuesday, September
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results are obtained when the gonococcus is the sole
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arthritis may occur quite early in the disease, and
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l'>om a statistical standpoint, much value should
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Surgeons. — The twentieth annual meeting of this associa-
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sorption of toxic matter is an incidental but not the
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evident when the utilization of this group of foodstuffs is con-
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or lesser extent over the surface at the seat of the
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fections of infancy to teething. Investigation will
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the result of the most careful physiological study,
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dered to Schofield Barracks, H. T., for duty, on trans-
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— the authoritative manual of instructions for deal-
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mjections of "606," and not in a single instance re-
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plete reports were presented on the diagnosis of cancer
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ground, waiting aufl waiting ; perhaps for da\ s, per-
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November 22d : — Patient at times delirious but usually
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cases, unfortunately few in number, the victory is so
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under these circumstances their usefulness is oft;.'n