The usual result of repeated conception in a syphilitic woman is

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place, and. in all probability, outbreaks of this particular malady

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susceptibility to and severity of attack are much greater in white

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syphilis, and vaccination rashes, and hereditary syphilis occurring

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relieve itself, or it may continue distending until a papule is formed.

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surface of the culture-medium without- breaking "W""^-)

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by irregular chills, fever, and sweats, distended abdomen, constipa-

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of the seventh nerve, or at the base of the brain, S3rphilis, rheumatism,

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observed. The temperature must be taken, and a chart at once

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pulmonary second sound accentuated. The face may be pallid

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places only, and that if the vaccination marks are of an area of half a

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For the relief of the asthmatic paroxysms, morphine sulphate,

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vomiting, and hiccough are present. In the early stage, when the

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thg spleen nor liver are enlarged in yellow fever, and post-mortem

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paratively few individuals are attacked in any epidemic.

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Ulceration of the large intestine, which will cause the diarrhoea

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be due to acute or chronic endocarditis, or it may occasionally be

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character, most common at points along the course of the supra-

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and rupture of the large vessels of the neck, I have had no

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There is unfortunately some reason for the assertion that

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