aids in the efficiency of the application. Other preparations of
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lular tissue. For the same reason, the use of a syringe for washing
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retained secretion undergoes a metamorphosis into hard, calcareous,
50 of the solution of iodine and potassium iodide.)
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shape and size, and to give a granular, shining, ground -glass -like
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sets in, with profound prostration, and these states are apt to be
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Kreutzmann, Wallace, and others. It is to avoid this com-
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proportion of cases recovery takes place in a few weeks, it may be
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do not run on the same lines as the internal consumption of
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no means necessary that all these symptoms should be present in the
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infected ; in most cases the contamination is due to the water used
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of examining all the specimens, and a number of the patients
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spheroids and mycelium of a special parasite, and by Dr. Cunning-
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galhc acid, etc., and by the influence of cold or arduous muscular
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less, and, finally, black and shrunken, presenting all the appearances
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disturbance and consequent headache, loss of appetite, and general
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commonly known as cow-pox was in reality nothing more nor less
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or, if so, only temporarily, and anesthesia or numbness cannot be
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removal of the primary growth, the next set of lymphatic
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variety in which the eruption is hemorrhagic in character and there
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The prognosis of a disease is the conclusion or prediction relating
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"caput medusa/* ascites, enlargement of the spleen, and swelling and
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the large external cushion, and after abundant irrigation of the inter-