months, and attacks men in preference to women; butchers, brewers,
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reflexes are readily elicited. The muscles, more especially those
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appeared, have to be relied upon. The longest time that
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will the intellect be damaged ? To these questions, very
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in a few hours become converted into characteristic thin-walled,
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seldom affected. Parotitis was frequently observed in one epidemic
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pleural effusion, rupture of an hydatid cyst, malaria, emotion, neurotic
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rich in bile, to enter the circulation; or to some morbid condition of
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At the operation of nephrorrhaphy, which Dr. Newman
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saver of proteid, the loss of tissue nitrogen being greater where
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is 98.96° F., that of the stream of urine is 98.56° F., that of the axilla
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skin does not become so markedly yellow, and the small haemor-
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It is unnecessary to state that I have taken pains to make
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but in varicella the eruption usually comes out in distinct crops,
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comedo-extractor," and their return prevented by an ointment
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M.D., F.R.C.P., Associate Professor of Medicine and Clinical Thera-
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asphyxia arise, and may persist until the onlooker begins to wonder
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furred, the temperature 102° F., and the hands tremulous.
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symptoms of distress. Thus it is that mountain climbers as a rule
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the kidney, in one case, the omentum being found completely
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effusion (if it is profuse, or increases rapidly in amount) the degree
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That pyccmic abscesses are in many cases, though not invariably,
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be recognized by the phjrsical signs of valvular disease without any
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eases. Displacement of the viscera is common in this stage; if on the
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gradually becomes less troublesome and the amount of sputum
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gastrointestinal derangement, yellowness of the skin and sclera,