that it is rarely accomplished. On the other hand, it is nearly always

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openings for the anterior ethmoidal cells, and below and

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ing the possibility or even the probability of a relapse, and have often

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out through a catheter every 12 or 24 hours. On the third

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index has been watched for a month or two, frequent

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The symptoms of chronic meningitis are not accurately known, fre-

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slides being divided by the mean of the counts of all the

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that to the less recently isolated organism. Using the new

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ovary may be reached through the rectum. The etiology, also, may

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to produce an alterative effect upon the nutrition of the endangered

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Occasionally the disease develops about neoplasia and extravasations

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Lectures ^ which I had the honour to deliver before this Society

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liver, the stomach, about 3 square inches in extent, was seen

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may be slow to improve and persistent treatment may be

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cially cream of tartar, and the tartarus boraxatus (soluble cream of

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alienists are in a position to assure us that such stories not

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wall of the ileum close to the ileo-csecal valve, and extend-

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more covered with healthy hair. Loss of the hair induced by inflam-

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younger pocks, or from those in any way abnormal, is less certain.

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either of the latter diseases to another attack. Lastly, cases also occur

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is mucus in the stools more or less constantly, and when severe

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ature, the one whose skin is moist is the more feverish.) There is

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stones were removed from the gall-bladder and cystic duct.

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after midnight, by a severe burning piercing pain in the metatarso-

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prepuce in men ; and between the labia and nymphae, and at the en-

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hension or false interpretation of external objects which reallv exist.

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periphery. The duration of the hot stage varies ; sometimes it is only

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ourselves that such sensations are but subjective ones ; and that the

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and, if the undiluted tincture be used, it often induces blisters. In

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are thrown into a state of increased excitability and morbid excite-

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spiration. But, if the bodily temperature rise to 102 or 104, the loss

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mia, just as in medullary leuchcemia ; and time must teach us how

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we find anomalies of innervation in many patients with chronic uterine

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the opsonic method, it is advisable to cultivate the organism

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mon at the menopause, and hence give themselves little concern

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the back of the neck (four at a time), repeating the application at in-

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cases, reduces the above attempt at explanation to a mere theory ;

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