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given in ten-grain doses every twenty minutes until thirty grains are

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It was not of uniform consistence, being hard in places,

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dose of Hunyadi Janos water, is of great value in most cases. Frac-

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majority of instances it is ushered in by headache, pains in the

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In the chronic form the origin is rather insidious, the patient having

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Diagnosis. — Gasiralgia differs from colic, in the pain being in the

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culture media. Sterile cultures injected into men and animals had

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ing the reflex centers, and diseases of the peripheral nerves. They

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Constipation is common. The amount of perspiration is variable,

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holding long conversations with Frederick Denison Maurice,

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the cause; the next, to prevent the recurrence of the attacks of

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^wH^ Medical Desciq>tion. — The Ascaris tumbricoides looks

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tuberculous foci elsewhere in the body and tubercle bacilli may be

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anaesthetic in the centre, and possess a zone of red and blue

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than six weeks from the date of the appearance of the rash, provided

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of peritonitis are present, the excretion of abundance of indican

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Treatment — Quinine sulphate, gr. xvj (i gm.) a day, should be

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in different cases, but it never attains a very great size. Following

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longer, and after the general febrile symptoms have declared them-

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Treatment — ^The symptoms may be relieved to a great extent by

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a very long course, the disease ultimately has a fatal termination.

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