In judging of the value of the treatment, the above facts
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not alone secure sleep, but needs the assistance of the anodyne
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Pityriasis rosea resembles measles somewhat, but its rose-colored
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from the appearance of the primary sore, and lasts about two years,
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other children ; of this number 517 were protected by previous
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the inhalation of sewer gas, which, until recently, was universally
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Complications. — Complications are uncommon. Thrombosis of
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has it been traced to inoculation by insects or otherwise. There
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but in woodcuts, in which the cut ends of the arteries are drawn
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by feelings of pain and distress, expressed by the patient,
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Pathological Anatomy. — ^The most frequent seat of croupous
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of the clothing, the lice being hatched within a week. Occasionally
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moderately distended, moved well on respiration, was resonant
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intestinal flux, whatever is the cause. The milk is given in sips,
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pulse, and alterations in sensibility and motility — viz,, pain in the
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history ; both were of the retropharyngeal variety.
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ansmia and prostration. Nocturnal pains in the hmbs have been
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to which group predominates. Any of these s3nnptoms may be
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and the spot covered with a gauze binder. It is washed off next
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and no doubt was expressed as to the diagnosis, but, on
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grees of mental enfeeblement, the physical symptoms of dementia
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preventing the onset of hydrophobia in those bitten by rabid
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Another method sometimes employed requires the addition of 20
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a circular form (ringworm). It continues to increase in size, the
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tubercles. The tubercles show a strong tendency to cluster, then
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feel chilly and ill, complain of oppressed breathing and be dead
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private sources as well as from hospital records, for the earlier
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such an organism as soon as possible after it comes from the body, as
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They remain in this until they are needed. The solution must be
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with the deafness, or independently of it, there is often headache
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disease but it may also afford a site for inoculation for some more
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lect remaining clear but hesitating. After some weeks or months