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escape, and dissolving yield up their contents to furnish nutri-

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intelligence of a self-governing population, the augmentations of that

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sirous of publishing the article, either as original or as a selection."

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On motion of Dr. Whi taker, of Tennessee, Dr. JH. Ronalds was

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wonders that a fistula, left by a cut-throat, is not a remedy for —

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cerine would take up or dissolve, besides these the gum, su-

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centre of the wound. The cicatrix becomes in time condensed

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vaginal wall, there will be laceration, or destruction of the urethra,

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variola always is at first." If the statement last quoted be correct,

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on the operation, and the patient was relieved of the exhaustion

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families, as to the age of individuals, upon the relation of which, may depend

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eight inches long and is composed of three coats, the serous,

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paration -of the infusions, decoctions, — and in addition to

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It is almost certain from the statements of those in whose judg-

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which it was cultivated, its palatableness and wholesomeness,

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like a charm. I could refer 10 many of my medical friends who

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such physicians discuss the causation of stricture of the rectum.

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the ramifications of the olfactory nerve are distributed. They

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ping. Now, in such cases your instrument would prove invalua-

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left lower molar. Shrapnel was seen in the left jaw

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haps be as perfect, and the empirical treatment as successful, as now ; but a

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leaving entirely unaffected the intellectual faculties. It reduces the circu-

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The general treatment consisted, in the exhibition of stimu-

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former, while it favors a more rapid flow through the latter, and

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of the whole psychical nature. It is impossible not to recognize the truth