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Other reflexes occur in connection with the arm, arm-jerk, and the
in order of frequency are, the inguinal (vertical and oblique), the
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which are rapidly absorbed into the fluids and tissues. Kill the
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but varies widely according to the number of outbursts, and the
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digitalis for the painful cramps in the calves that occur in the early
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also. In some cases, even where the primary source of infection is
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principal references are not distinguished from the most casual mention, so
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some observers, among whom may be mentioned Schaffer and
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solution of tuberculin is put on the conjunctiva; in infected indi-
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phosphorus, ginger, etc., are the most common causes. It may also
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and the blood serum (Nuttall) exert a distinct inicrobicidal or bactericidal
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her whose trial was indeed great to bear, to give counsel
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liquor ammonia is dropped into the mixture or allowed to flow
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temperature continues. Let him have as much fresh air as is com-
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have brought forward large numbers of cases, either from their
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by the organisms of decomposition. Should the bacilli, however, gain
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of an anaesthetic, may cause a leakage when the surrounding
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^ _ FWozyHB Mk two «weeM(Te days wUh oae day*! laiennlwiM.
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tration of 10 drops of adrenalin solution (i to 1,000). Strychnine,
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given subcutaneously, |rd of a grain to adults, -^-^th. to ^th of a grain to
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Treatment consists in the internal administration of arsenic
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Fig. 5. — A. Kidney [cat) of which the ureter had been completely occluded
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soaked in bichloride solution, are twisted around them in alternate
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report upon "The Nature of Kala-azar" to the Government of