adhesions below the umbilicus, was reflected in either side
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or sterilised cultures of the typhoid bacillus renders animals immune
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coincidently in the same patient; but the mongrel affection typho-
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cardiac action from obstruction of the pulmonary circulation. There
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fused with this disease. From tuberculous meningitis it is distinguished
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of excesses, a course of strychnine and arsenic is indicated. A tran-
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to the examining fingers. In spite of this, however, it is
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physician and surgeon who saw her on that day were at a
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Patfaological Anatomy. — The most common conditions observed
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liver or spleen, and yidids particularly exact results when carried out
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supposed, inasmuch as the diagnosis is difficult, unless the pus is
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tion, and, if possible, to increase the fibrinous deposit. Its essential
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hair dyes. Internal medication is useless. The two following
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but no casts, and there was slightly increased frequency of
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hood, and showed how the various members of the "rheumatic
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No scientific principle therefore is to be looked for in the plan
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" vegetations " of a grayish colour, which may be small, or may form
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appearance of this paper, many experiments have been made for the purpose
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It is perhaps for this reason that we associate them so directly with
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the same objection will hold good. It must be placed as high
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being less severe, but persistent. Loss of strength and emaciation
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range of from one to two degrees, and the highest record is rarely
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the progress of such cases. The following extract from a
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Definition. — ^A paroxysmal fever, with exacerbations and remis-
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and my back. Every bit of me is on the move. I feel at
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Dysentery is characterized by small, mucous blood-stained
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If these proceedings are painful , they are not to be undei'taken
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operation is to be performed — leaving a finely divided yellow de-
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Secondary haemorrhage may take place from the wound
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different parts of the body. When looked at carefully the papule
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regions. While1;he configuration of the chest may be unchanged, it
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These phenomena may easily escape notice, but they are of great
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object the reversal of a finding against Mr. Haffkine, which