for a few minutes in a diluted i per cent, alcoholic solution of eosin.

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risen because the loss of heat has diminished while the production

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Inoculation occurs through any of the breaches of surface, so

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paroxysm is characterized by high fever, distressing pains in the

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apparent occurrence of siriasis in epidemics, and the marked

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Prognosis. — The disease continues from a few hours to one, two,

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virus there is some difference in the clinical course and symptoms

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pure French thiosinamine dissolved in water, without the addition of

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M. S. — Dessertspoonful every four hours until relieved (Weber).

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acute variety f as operation offers the only hope in many cases, espe-

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exophthalmic goitre is rest, both physical and mental, as well as

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crusts, the odor of which is characteristic. Ulceration is not tm-

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attack passes off, the child very frequently vomits the contents of

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with currents of high potential, when sometimes simultaneous

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in position. The sutures themselves are often embedded in

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1. The book should be suitable for use in the instruction

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volume and higher tension ; the blood is less venous and contains a

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ordinary type of plague show but few symptoms of being affected.

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along which the abscess is emptied by the finger passed into

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micro-organism is, and the more luxuriantly it flourishes in the animal

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dates the paralysis. When the disease is fully developed, the condi-

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points are: (i) The amount of cardiac dilatation ; (2) the strength

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plasia and exudation of lymphoid cells. The agminate glands in

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variety in which the eruption is hemorrhagic in character and there

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gists "to the existence of small columns of adipose tissue leading from

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heart is in great measure independent of this control, in the

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The substance of the brain and spinal cord is not unduly congested,