great extent by the administration, at bed-time, of atropine sulphate,
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seen. There may be a simultaneous outburst of many nodules,
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egg), flour, milk; this should be followed by stomach- tube,
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which a single spiculum can be protruded; the female has a blunt,
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destruction of the brain-substance, characterized by sudden uncon-
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of any present or previous affection of the intestines. It is said
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Obstruction of the cystic duct by an impacted gall-stone may be
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has not been found, but another organism differing both in morpho-
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It is not a bad idea to sprinkle the drainage-tubes with jodo-
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Bradycardia or infrequency of the pulse, slow pulse, may be ob-
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issued an exceedingly useful leaflet in 1903, in which he
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as osteomata, dermoid cysts, parasitic cysts, meningoceles, and
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article upon this interesting and important subject, which has
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at first, until the patient's confidence is secured, and then
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weight during the previous six months. There was some
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fingers and toes, might lead to error if the cerebral symptoms of
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weather be favourable, the child may go out ; but exposure to any
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tobacco, tea, and coffee should be interdicted. Cases of cardiac
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times, however, more lasting effects result, continuing from the onset
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membrane of the nose is infiltrated and leads to destruction of that
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Diagnosis. — ^The age, sex, history of primary growth, usually in
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Case II. — Tubercular peritonitis simulating (coincident
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the umbilicus, without so much prolapse of the fundus. The right
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hemorrhagic effusions are observed. Serous transudations are also
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Respiratoiy Percussion. — The percussion-sound will vary greatly
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loin, occurring after prolonged exertion, will alone remain.
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first, with extension of the hemiplegic symptoms, or a relaxation of
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allay thirst and vomiting. A mustard plaster to the pit of the stomach
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are attacked indiscriminately. The infection of chicken-pox
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the brain: Active, when arterial fullness; passive, when venous fullness;
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countries, for, according to Dr. Sambon, siriasis is restricted to low-
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some other disinfectant, and allowed to stand for an hour or two.
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ment favours recover)'. It was at one time believed that beri-beri
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etc. ; (2) favourable conditions, such as polluted soil, warmth, and
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must be insisted on. Sodium chloride in the food is said to be injur-
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bacilli may become widely distributed through the system. The
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with some other virus, as for instance that of septicaemia, the