with special reference to this point, we have found a slight

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blood in the urine. The splee7i is frequently enlarged, and hsemor-

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M. S. — One teaspoonful, diluted, four times daily.

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arise. The comfort of the patient will be increased by the

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typical of many. H.A., ast. 6. A poorly nourished delicate

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in the temperature, lowered vitality from various causes, winter

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atmosphere. The sputum of all tuberculous patients should

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S. — Make fifty pills. Dissolve one in the mouth when

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is diagnostic of aortic regurgitation during compensation.

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On several occasions, we have cut sections of minute wedge-

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7. Inflammation of the injured j)arts, with its consequences.

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basis for a calculus. It occurs as hexagonal plates which naay be

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ture curve, the worst cases often having a normal temperature almost

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The great majority of cases occur between the ages of one and

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Both Itmgs are involved, and on section scattered areas of con-

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in the cord they are found in both the white and gray matter and in

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headache, etc., the temperature will fall to subnormal, and the

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majority of cases more or less anemia exists. The thymus is often

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larly of saccharine and starchy foods) and drinking, tight lacing,

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many instances, the constant pain, shght though it may be, has

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The attack proper is sudden, the subject suddenly falling, with a

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depend to a great extent on the amount of the injury to the heart.

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and frequently have the disease in an aggravated form. Should a

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