indicates suppuration along the genitourinary tract. Its source
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patient must gargle gently, slowly, and for some time either with barley-water,
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Diagnosis. — ^The characteristics of the disease are the course,
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In some undoubted attacks of scarlet fever there is practically
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The general health of the patient is first improved by good food,
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well shown by the foregoing table (page 166). Age exerts a two-
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Anderson states that subcutaneous injections of atropine sulphate
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The more severe pneumonic condition is denoted by more rapid
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healing, leave scars called rhagades. Catarrh, ulceration, and bone
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mucous membranes may be attacked. The lesions are usually sym-
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enteritis and peritonitis, imperfect digestion, and nervous influences.
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forms, especially for the production of toxic substances, the cholera
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toes are drawn down and the instep upward, as in equinus. The
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variable, that is, they may be normal, exaggerated, or absent.
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micrococcus melitensis Vel Brncii into the tissues of the human body.
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born at Colchester on the last day of the year 1816. His
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percussion performed, then a full expiration taken and percussion
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"Cerebral embolism comes at any age, with heart disease or after