(6) W. P. Orchidectomy, 1903. June, 1907, no sign of

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quently the glandular elements tmdergo a hyperplasia, and finally

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toms reappear at this period. There is marked edema of the skin

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(whose composition is unknown) — ^the absorption of which produces

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The paroxysms frequently develop during the menstrual epoch.

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bacillus may be demonstrated in the sputum of the latter (see Fibroid

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venesection in one case of threatened asphyxia and by aspiration of

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ing trichinae. If the patient is seen within fpur or five days after the

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ovaries, and Fallopian tubes were all healthy, but the bladder

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former and the prominent position taken by the skin in the latter,

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bacillus alone, and is characterized by a distinct false membrane or

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Diagnosis. — ^Always examine the urine in case of cough, and

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liver, yellow fever, relapsing fever, and intermittent malaria.

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less than anodal closing contraction, and kathodal opening contrac-

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plications would be interesting, and perhaps not without some

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of great weakness is not borne in mind, the zealous aseptician may find his

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the constant serous vomiting and purging, the intense thirst, the

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respiratory rate is about 18 per minute in adult males, being some-

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A differential diagnosis is the result when the diseases resembling

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has suffered damage, gentle "resistance-movements," repeated once

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usually present, and severe pericarditis may exist. The temperature

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affections, especially in psoriasis, of an ointment which has the advantage

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the depression and foreboding give rise to the delusion. The delu-

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most pathognomonic of gastric cancer; but its absence does not

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dates from some recent injury, or if a previous h5'drocele was

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up, and intervenes directly between the abdominal wall and

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hydatid cysts, and similar affections the enlargement is somewhat

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tation of the esophagus above the point of obstruction. Pain and

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opisthotonos of the dorsal spine as well as of the cervical ; more

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The specific gravity of normal blood varies from 1050 to 1060.

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effort (or perhaps we should say no successful attempt) was

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one-tenth of a second, and that therefore the auricle would be

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ing an ulcer with a very hard base, feeling to the touch like a button

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