secured within its boundaries, the intemperate zeal of its

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a place among the disinfectants, the deodorizers, the antizymotics,

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applying pressure behind the last rib on the right side the

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by Dr. Golding Bird, that ten days or two weeks of acetate of

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in ether. It forms needle-shaped crystals with a silky lustre.

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among cattle that are fed upon potatoes and other roots.

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weeks have elapsed. When the inflammation has attacked

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it represents an independent part of the organism (capsule?) or is

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Multiple Congenital Osteochondromas with Degeneration of Cranial

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in future experiments. In all cases in which we introduced the

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remains benumbed, and two months later, the right leg

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structive in proportion to the severity of the general lesions. So,

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innervation to the capillary system of blood-vessels. Aconite

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tenesmic vesical irritation, especially tenesmus after urination.

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presystolic murmur passes into the systolic murmur indicative of

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affects them through its general tonic effect upon the whole

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water, §iv. M. Sig. Dose one teaspoonful every hour to every

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who are exposed to its virus when the proper conditions

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It may be seen in abdominal aneurysm where there is spinal

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matism, and in gastric disturbances, but they do not indicate

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dropsical effusions. It is really a worse condition than a simple

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ments manifested by tumid abdomen, emaciation, diarrhea and

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where the individuals would prove unable to follow the

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comes distended to an enormous size, from the gases that

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of Epilepsy. He reports two cases of several years' duration which were

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We may associate with these the specific tincture apocynum in

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eral malaise, soreness, and fullness of the blood-vessels are the

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ammonium urate, calcium oxalate and carbonate, ammonio-

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cent, showed, within a few hours, either fever or urticaria, but none

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diarrhea it often constitutes a medicament of curative power.

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ious look of the patient, usually make chronic bronchitis and

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nation than if they had not been in the habit of having this examination

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different from the sensations of their great-grand-

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Medical Libraries. — The largest medical library in the

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exact character of the wrong, in one or all, and how that wrong

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curing one disease by the substitution of another infinite-

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which case the blood is charged with the coloring matter of the

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