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out, is confined to the marasmic cases, and not to those of syphilis

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bronchitis, bronchopneumonia, endocarditis, arthritis, meningitis,

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maintain the body weight. Despite increased heat dissipation,

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of gelatinous membrane which often encroaches on the hard palate

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Nervous systetn. — The headache, frontal or general, and pain in

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to the effect suggested in the preceding remarks would, I

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The following localizing signs will serve to determine the situation

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conjunctivae suff'used ; the tongue is tremulous, indented, moist, and

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Synonyms. — ^Epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis; epidemic cere-

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intestines, or even inflammation of these organs, may be met with.

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crisis, thoracic pain, dyspnea, cough, rusty sputum, and great

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morbid processes, is withdrawn, the disease may remain

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The disease usually begins as a small, reddish, scaly, rounded or

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Czerny's directions — boiled for 10 minutes in carbolic acid solution,

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More often, however, vomiting and convulsions occur at the

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As the affection advances, the symptoms increase in severity; cyano-

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disease. Early surgical treatment in such cases has been success-

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eye-diseases, otitis, neuritis, and arthritis are prone to develop.

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to 80 or even 90 per cent. The prognosis is controlled by the general

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If these proceedings are painful , they are not to be undei'taken

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absorption, a secondary inflammation develops around them.

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fever. Some attempts have been made to find out whether the amount

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intestines may remain irritable for months. Many ailments and

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into the ruptured vessel. The clot excites inflammation around it,

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the anterior portion of which is formed by the channelled

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sisting of 60 grains of common salt and an equal quantity of

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of the nerves of the body may be affected, the motor symptoms vary-

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whilst delirium is not uncommon during the febrile stage. Vertigo

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the disease. In Egypt (1899), however, the residents of European

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spread of the disease was conditioned by human intercourse and

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of consciousness; difficulty of vision, hearing, and speech, associated

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the abdominal veins. The hepatic peritoneum is thickened and

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