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means of reducing the intracranial blood-pressure is by venesection.
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throat, a solution of some mild antiseptic, such as boracic acid or
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furuncles may be mentioned crucial incisions, injection of 2 to 5 drops
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intraserous, and rectal feeding, the latter is practically the
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largely to conditions which relax the arterial walls and lower the
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disturbed memory, leading to the belief that the bowels have been
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acting without an aperient or enema. The constipation became
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from an hour to a day or more. A slight tap over a nerve trunk,
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Eye, its Diagnosis and the Correction of its Errors, with a Chapter on the
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During epidemics, meningitis, delirium tremens, and uraemia are
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temperance, overwork, excitement, and exposure to cold and wet
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tubercle bacilli. Later hectic fever, with night-sweats, develops, and
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the fingers and the folds where they join the hands. After a time
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Such measures as the introduction of wire have been disappointing,
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violent chills, depression, and in a few hours collapse and death.
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event is apt to be overlooked until peritonitis is advanced,
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ground water to outbreaks of the disease has not been observed.
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and in alcohoHcs resembles deUritmi tremens. Examination of the
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Sometimes the affected areas are decidedly irritated when first seen
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and often alcoholic or malt liquors, administered at frequent intervals.
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mal sac, where they open, as a rule, separately into its outer
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haemoglobin-producing powers of the blood appear to be concerned
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though slow, progress under treatment ; the cough is very
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persistent bronchitis and recurrent pleurisy and effusion, and here
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fore, be aspirated into the ventricle, during its expansion phase,
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old, but, at that age, it became displaced into the inguinal
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The mouth should be cleansed after each feeding, and nursing bottles
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J. C. White recommends bathing the part with lotto nigra full
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forcing the eyes outward and downward, producing a variety of
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The temperature may be reduced by hydrotherapy or drugs.
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glands, there is a direct route to the pleurae and lungs, and that
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faucial reflex and to produce symptoms of bromism. Combinations
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portance. Since aseptic methods have come into use, tetanus has
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other organs, resulting in loss of elasticity in the walls of the vessels,
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is situated on the right side and above the umbilicus. In a moder-
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The sense of smell is more or less impaired and in many instances
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