is best seen in a transverse section of the neck. In such a
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are made on the patient when his temperature is raised, and another
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therapeutic measures. The possibility of uncorrected presbyopia as
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sallow, emaciated, cachectic, and in the gravest cases hectic appears,
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for more complete notification of cases among scholars, it is,
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Milk Sickness, Acute Febrile Jaimdice, Erjrthremia, and Vincent's
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observance of the precautions indicated, that attention should be
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affected side, the pain caused radiates upwards to the kidney, producing,
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condition at the commencement of the illness, but with the decline
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apparently by first treating the anti- toxin -bearing animal with the
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caries has been known to the parents or to the doctor for
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Its surface is often covered by a brown scab which arises from a
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the finger, as following digital examinations. Feeding, and other
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best are perhaps turpentine, acetate of lead and ergot ; the last may
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logical effects present themselves, after which the dose should be
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back, and differences of H** to i**F. on the fingers and face at tempera-
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crepitant) rAles. As the disease progresses toward resolution, . the
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relax, and the patient regains consciousness ; the respiration im-
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suffering from typhoid fever. — {Revue de Therapeiitique.)
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emaciation, unilateral expansion, and localized retraction may be
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Syphilis is a specific contagious disease, communicable by direct
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of the disease, the geographical distribution of hsemoglobinuria
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but the whole history, such as the tremor, the gait, etc., should
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tents of the bullae which are most frequent on the palms, soles, groins
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acid solution. Bed linen, clothing, etc., should be sterilized by boil-
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foration of an ulcer of the intestine into its cavity, or as only a part
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course a prolific cause of the spread of the plague. Moreover,