He regarded the atrophy as being accounted for by : —
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and strychnine should be administered freely. Plain cod-liver oil,
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of tension with wasting. Women are most often affected. Fre-
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valerianate of ammonium, Hoffman's anodyne, or aromatic spirit
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law that all healthy organs have a wide range of working
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Prognosis. — In acute primary delusional insanity, recovery is
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443 ; Clinical Diagnosis and Urinanalysis (James R. Arneill), 444 ; Mid-
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mal in character and tmassociated with loss of motion.
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female sex, puberty, menstrual disorders, anemia, emotion, mental
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volved. Nor do the lateral tracts show the same degree of involve-
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attempted, with a considerable amount of success, while, in
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tuberculous foci elsewhere in the body and tubercle bacilli may be
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which was ineffective in checking the spread of the disease,
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In this method, no adhesions are formed between the uterus
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less tendency than articular rheumatism to shift from one joint (or
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aggravated the symptoms, whereas sodium chloride and mag-
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It is possible also that food, merchandise, insects such as flies,
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composition into its interior ; and because they always necessitate an
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are less common than at an earlier age ; arthritis somewhat more
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Gastralgia may simulate the gastric crises of locomotor ataxia, but
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consists of a central portion of granular protoplasm surrounded by
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ment. Occasionally it happens that paresis remains for an indefinite
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individuals who possess this abnormality, for whom treatment,
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and fissured tongue accompanies the low fevers, such as typhoid
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mation. One of the most soothing is a saturated aqueous solution
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with present illness. He thought the temperature would do
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vidual liability is well marked. One man will suffer if he eat too
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Treatment — ^The physician should remember that neurasthenia
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Prognosis. — In traumatic and amebic abscesses when the pus can
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and gained more weight when sanatogen was given in addition
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fat man, and the abscess a very large one, containing much
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