The remaining portion of Dr. McClellan's life was passed in

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Dysentery from noxious effluvia; from septic matter in food

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adrenal contained more epinephrin than the first, sometimes double

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the action of stimulants and anodynes, the patient is anxious and

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Feb. 5. A profuse dry growth of acid-fast bacilli. Transplanted.

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and apparently hopeless cases unexpectedly improve, andrecovery takesplace.

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Record. The intestines having given way a large surface was lefk

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as well as purging. The surface quickly assumed a dark purple

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flowing sluggishly from the arm of the female who supplied it, the

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serving the public health, and dispensing the useful though often

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as toxins — the toxins of fatigue. During sleep the

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8. Heiss and Rueff, quoted by Dieckerhoff, Berl. thierarztl. Woch., 1892, viii, 457.

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been theirs. The peritonitis of the infant may be, therefore, as

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the maximal load of a single gland in the cat had been given off by it

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the contents of the stomach, and by an examination of the urine.

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itory action, the longer the culture stands at incubator temperatures.

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the expulsive action of the uterus, and this without necessarily in-

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ening, ulceration or gangrene. I find it not perfectly easy here tot

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neck short and no swelling in the lymphatic glands; thorax symmetrical; breath-

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rible eating ulcer, that is daily destroying the patient's

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ounces of water; add the minerals and then the solution

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whose nom de plume is Tip- Top ^ that has gained some