micrococci are ultimately destroyed. The inflammation spreads
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the "old man" appearance; the skin is dry and harsh, and, in conse-
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be very carefully cleansed with a tooth-brush and soap, tartar and
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heard during tranquil breathing. When it is low-pitched it is some-
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Some cases of this kind are not truly rheumatic, but are a gonor-
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treatment as may have been followed, and the effect thereof. Such
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greatly embarrassed, the countenance wearing an anxious expression.
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edema and infiltration, the marked constitutional Sjrmptoms, and
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arterial walls is great. The artery consequently remains continuously
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symptoms of pyrexia — thirst, loss of appetite, rapid pulse, furred
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a moist, macerated surface, aggravated by movement of the affected
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skin is inflamed and infiltrated, red, moist, and weeping, the profuse
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sense in one part and the loss of sensation of pain in another, and other
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The discharge of nitrogen by the kidneys in fever has long
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in which case the child may be, but is not necessarily, bom syphilitic.
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the cutting edge. Usually between the ages of six and twelve,
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suddenly, an attack of acute uremia terminates life.
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mastoid instead, and potassium bromide, gr. xltolx(2.6to4 gm.),
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should be given beef-juice, eggs, and beef peptonoids, in addition
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It is essentially a tropical disease and is most common during June,
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In debilitated individuals, alcohol and strychnine are necessary
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Morbid anatomy. — The essential feature of the disease is an
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strychnine sulphate, and tincture of digitalis may be used hypodermic-
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unconsciousness, and dies from pulmonary congestion and oedema.
unsatisfactory. There is, however, one notable exception to
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bending or buckling upon itself when the end (which in all cases