coarse food. The horse may "gaunt up,'' and in some
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itself or the operator by biting, striking, kicking or
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freely admitting the fist of an adult ; and the speedy recovery of
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to establish a systematic maternity service in every
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horse, and kept in the standing position, slings or
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the other infection became amenable to treat meui l>y
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is very effective in some cases, and the use of anti-
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The interesting question of diagnosis may, I think, best
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attributed to the pituitary, to the thyroid, etc., and
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that altruism should govern the selection of a mate ;
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pneumonia occurring in this epidemic, especially if
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tant complication — bronchopneumonia — seems to be
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will probably result in cure — 1 diseased wrist, 2 cases of
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In retention of urtne, when due to spasm, this treatment may be
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vanism IN Rheumatic PARAr.ysis. By Dr. Leaked, Physician to
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and enlarged glands at the root of the lung along the verte-
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accounts for the convexity on <he inner side of the
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minute after the injection. The therapeutic effects
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When the horse finds that no one is trying to hold him
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i\ecent researches of Richet, Jr., and Barbier show
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being far less expensive, than ether. Mr. Merrill havin;^, ;it luy
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larges and the corneal reflex returns. The oxygenation of
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a few it was decidedly interesting. Let me give an in-
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present, but it was also true that without better ob-
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as quiet as possible, and to allow his body to concentrate
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nyme for disinterested kindness and benevolence; and truly was it
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results; and of this I am certain, that often such a dose as ten
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The lower lobe was seriously affected, rales being present
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wider instruction of nurses on the nature and normal
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offensive and th-; struggle for the possession of the
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These tables are introduced simply to demonstrate, that the dif-
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bands intermingled with fat, obstructing the onflow of the
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nutrient media growth W\\ take place from the organisms
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instruments and the parts clean, to use antiseptics
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