as the blood under examination. Hammerschlag adds a drop of
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dilatation, the secretion is abundant, greenish yellow in color, and
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greater and greater, and the paroxysms of impending suffocation
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Vacciniae, etc." This was the work of Edward Jenner, a country
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4 c.c. every hour, benzine, 3 j (4 g^*); in capsules, quinine, and san-
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prompt treatment. Double pleurisy is unfavorable. The etiological
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smell, is quite unnecessary and may be dangerous. It is, as
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frequent occurrence. Such infections may be coincident, the organisms
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Anatomical Conditions. — ^The transverse colon is the first organ
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the male, the scrotum and penis are involved alone or together,
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Chlorides are increased in the urine after exertion of any kind, in
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in typhoid. The spleen is usually, but not always, enlarged and
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irregular periods of fever with grinding of the teeth, and sleepless-
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change of air should always be advised, and after severe attacks
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In schools a quarantine of at least twenty days after removal of the
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issued an exceedingly useful leaflet in 1903, in which he
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becomes advanced the infant often lies on its side with head thrown
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which subsequently rupture. Pain, diffictdty in swallowing, saliva-
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half the quantity generally used for a child. While the plague
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phenomena. The upright posture, or slightly leaning forward serves
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flow from the aorta into the left ventricle during the cardiac diastole,
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and 1000 grams jute is worked in it until all the solution has been
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nourishment, exhaustion, overcrowding, and unwholesome sur-
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Disturbances of the Special Senses. — The eye frequently shows
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Sodium salicylate, gr. x to xv (0.6 to i gm.) every hour, for six hours,
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frontal headache, associated with a feeling of weight, indicating
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possible, should be allowed to remain undisturbed for at least a
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mercury, gr. J^o to K5 (0.0015 to 0.003 g^-)> should be given over
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with each individual, and largely depends on the presence or
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was feeble, and had but httle power of raising its temperature and there-
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in large doses, may sometimes hold the disease in check for a time.
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mation caused by rheumatism in children, and on the high mortality
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biliary passages, and the formation of gall stones.
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the heart is a double acting pump, filling its chambers by
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distinct benefit, feeding is begun twelve hours after operation,