core of a clavus consists of a whitish, opaque, firm, tenacious body,

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sions or dementia develop toward tiie end of the malady.

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and the early stages of pulmonary phthisis. It is most frequently

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color in the presence of glucose. Creatinin gives a similar reaction.

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tuberculous meningitis, as Henoch has pointed out, have probably

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permits a greater descent of the diaphragm, whereby the respirations

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the mortality from suppurative meningitis. In empyema also, and

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maladies, the result of the retention or accumulation in the blood of

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from rheumatism and anaemia. After the rigor the patient

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appear, so far as could be made out, to be altered in size

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be employed. Digitalis is contraindicated in advanced cases. For

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and hemorrhages. It is closely related to erythema multiforme.

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tion, deglutition, and vocalization. It may be acute or chronic.

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of septic material, especially when it occurs on the second or third day

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or both tonsils occurs. (2) The diphtheroid variety, which occurs

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inoculated at a post-mortem examination, and suffered severely.

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two or three weeks in severe cases. When edema is present in addi-

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in check, causing such degeneration of the comparatively resistant

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they are composed of albuminoid substances, but there may be in

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produced by rapidly multiplying organisms, which may be likened

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words still remains, so that the afflicted person can write his ideas

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small quantities in many foods, and in much larger quantities

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the lungs, and a short, highly pitched, sticky rale, which is character-

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after exertion, exposure, or a rich diet. Contamination of the urine

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Pathology. — ^The liver is enlarged and congested, the spl^n is,

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The disease is usually observed during the summer months, and

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sugar, candies, pastries, starchy foods, fried meats, condiments, etc.,

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symptomatic of acute and chronic anterior poliomyelitis, acute

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pox, 70 of measles, and 38 of whooping-cough ; while among 1277

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stone is brown and spherical, oval, or polygonal. The shape varies