may consider his investigation. The pockets will empty them-

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be indefinite. Hemorrhoids, varicocele, impaction, anal fissure,

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Synonyms. — ^Acute phthisis; galloping consumption.

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current and thus infect other glands, or pass into the general blood

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In the center of this accumulation may be found at a later period a

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are atrophied and undergo the caseous degeneration, which consists

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Purulent meningitis may follow trauma to the brain or chronic

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The bichloride is odorless , but very poisonous , if used in strong

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convulsions ; the convulsions are not necessarily the cause of

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foot. During walking the patient raises the foot from the floor with

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that the peculiar phenomena supposed to arise from applying differ*

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son's teeth, interstitial keratitis, and periostitic nodes on the tibia

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(often of external origin) which we recognise as muscular con-

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is general weakness, headache, nausea, drowsiness, and frequent and

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pneumonia of the catarrhal type (aspiration or deglutition pneumonia) .

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voice, may be present. The pupils are dilated or contracted, or are

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the average, at a higher age, with the result that fewer deaths

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more or less completely with the lapse of time. In consequence, it

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Treatment — ^The first point in the treatment is to remove

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Births well-organised trades-union, as is sometimes

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fibro-cystic tumours, and the solid fleshy tumours, which

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where the discharge has made its appearance must be at once disin-

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point of obstruction was where the process of suppuration was