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small moist and bubbling rAles. According to DaCosta, the physical

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normal, pulse 82, the tongue furred but moist. The respi-

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sistent vomiting, fever, and dull pain over the kidneys, following the

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This is also termed aortic insufficiency, and occurs next in fre-

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origin ; it would be safe to assert that no one has ever heard a

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immediate neighbourhood. When, however, on the one hand,

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" The prevailing characteristic of cowsheds in this district

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almost invariably multiple in number, and are most frequent in the

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oxygen from the atmosphere, whilst a third class, the facultative anaerobes,

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It occurs almost exclusively in warm climates and is due to the

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often marked ; it takes two forms. One is that of a dilated heart,

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This theory of active ventricular expansion also suffices to

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mothers who are unable to nurse their children, and it is to

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and malignant disease of the stomach and liver are also etiological

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gait occurs in multiple neuritis. Titubation is the tenn applied to

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are so much swollen that the condensed lung shows scarcely any indi-

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suffering from decomposing empyaema, gangrene of the lung,

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For the catarrhal procesSi the air of the apartment should be main-

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are characteristic. "An uneven, thin, downy-looking layer of

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The means by which tlie poison is i?itrodiiced into the body is

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Wheals or pomphi are circumscribed edematous elevations of the

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The application of blisters, the size of a silver dollar, arotmd the

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Ligatui'e of the right femoral below the origin of the profunda (at

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memory grows weaker, the judgment less accurate, the moral sense

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possible, promptly removed. Absolute rest in bed is of great impor-

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central opening, which may be so contracted as to permit the passage

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the results of his long experience at the Hospital for Sick Children

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Pathology. — ^The disease consists in the development of patches

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