the healthy chest wall. The pitch is always relatively low.
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to consciousness and power, except, perhaps, of speech. Headache
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The strictest aseptic precautions should also be observed in the
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as large and deejD burns — in order to prevent decomposition.
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blood and fluids which it usually traverses, owing to their lower
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new tubercuhn, T.R., and the opsonic index has been the
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contractions are equal, both on opening and on closing the current.
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lacrymation, which disappear in three to five hours, and, on the following
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motionless from the commencement to the termination of the attack.
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superficial, the cardiac action slow and feeble and there are gastric
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are cut , and all the subcutaneous adipose tissue is carefully removed,
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amount of argument can dispel his or her belief in them. These
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cases, it is necessary to reopen the wound, and remove the
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to be assigned to it. It is a disease that travels along the lines
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The control of the heart's action by the nervous system,
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to be another agency for the same purpose, as would appear to be the case,
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tendency, and the possession of an excitable disposition or nervous
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cough, followed by scanty, frothy expectoration, slightly streaked
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The skin has a dirty,, grayish pallor considered by many to be
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weakened with flour, may be used in all stages. If the heart be weak
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may be present in some cases. There is no constant or character-
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heart or lungs present the so-called "nutmeg liver" appearance. At
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seldom the thermometer registers higher than 102°. Vomiting is
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Treatment — ^The treatment consists entirely in combating the
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the disease. Diphtheria, then, like tetanus, is an intoxicative rather
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(7) T. S. Orchidectomy, July, 1903. January, 1905, no
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demic; and when it is f otmd only in single or stray cases in a given
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