Synonyms. — ^Tic-dotdoureux; trifacial neuralgia; prosopalgia.

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Case 8. — The patient, a male, aged 30 years, was under the

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consists of a central portion of granular protoplasm surrounded by

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probable that there is no constant increase in the tissue change, and

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Milk should be delivered, in sealed cans direct from the


(d) The outer layer is an ill-defined sheet, termed the

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the left side the sound is clear or tympanitic, from the distention

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ments. Respiration is slow^ irregular, and noisy; during inspiration

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uncontrollable alcoholic habit, with weakened or absent will-power

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* Both fatty infiltration and fatty degeneration, however, are present in

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fauces, larynx, trachea, ston ach, and also of the central nervous

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The disease may end in one of three ways : — In convalesence

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as membranous laryngitis, asthma, emphysema, typhoid fever,

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the central nervous system the most constant change is an alteration

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oral antiseptic. A gargle is useful for those children who are

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to 102'' or 103- F., and for a day or two remains at about this

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The tetanus bacillus is abundant in garden earth, in dust, and in

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weakened by disease, bad hygienic conditions, or impaired nutrition.

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3ome degree of success. Gcddscheider advocates active movements

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abscess has started in the glands of the carotid sheath, and

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day, is usually a staphylococcic infection, and is characterised

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Endocarditis is common. The evidence of former heart disease is

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Occasionally the gums are swollen. In addition to the salivary

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The affected parts first have a reddish-gray, soon changing to a

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palpation, which the rigidity made a difficult task, an indefinite

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Anginal attacks (cardiac pain) or sensations of constriction or pres-

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tebral fascia behind, would guide it outwards to the junction

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Schools Association recommend twenty-four days' quarantine, dating

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and 8 months, with marked cyanosis, and clubbing of fingers