pharynx, larynx, and bronchial tubes, with diminished secretion,

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complication of typhoid, other symptoms must be looked to — the

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tion of quinine to the nares. The following application is also of

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The external or extrinsic causes, embrace traumatism and sub-

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proximal part of their ureter to the abdominal wall and making

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The colonies grow on blood-serum at 37° C, can be recognised by

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raised above the surrounding parts with painful infiltration of the

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out by Glerard and Sahli. If the bowel can be felt, as a rule,

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former is apt to be confounded with the filarial disease elephantiasis

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Diagno^B.— 'The onset, course, throat symptoms, prostration,

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for light and leading, is naturally resented by equals in

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great improvement in the health of babies needing nursing and

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ingestion of irritating food. It is sporadic and is not

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to ringworm and its treatment. Evidently Dr. Adamson is strongly in

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the length ranging from 1 5 to 60 feet, the head oval, measuring about

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fact, it compares most favourably with the percentage mor

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organism also would seem to be the usual cause of the meningitis in

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vomiting. Townsend ' mentions an attack, which was sup-

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ness. Headache occurs as is shown by the child, even when at

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in the United Kingdom. The poor and destitute are the principal

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attendance. At the present time erysipelas is almost unknown

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Use of Vaccines, and the Period of Quarantine for Most of the Com-

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became frequent, and, on February 2^, she died. The last

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difficulty. Careful attention to the following points, however, will

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No part of the right kidney, which, in the great majority of

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It is dangerous to irrigate the crevices of the wound under

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toxic influence, probably parasitic in nature, having its habitat, in