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form nodes or bosses on other bones, particularly round the anterior
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ened, opaque, grayish in color, deeply grooved transversely, and often
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formula of Hebra or by melting 4 parts of lead plaster and 2 or 3
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the usual characters. In consequence the patient continues to
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with one or more reddish, scaly patches. Soon the redness and des-
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Cases which are continued by reason of tilcerated patches in the
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Nervous disturbafices. — Various other nervous phenomena may
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(like beef washings) in color, due to the presence of blood. Albumin
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In acute attacks, hot applications and sinapisms may be applied
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sition of the urine, the underlying cause meanwhile receiving appro-
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much worse. Vomiting of the same character continued. The
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degenerative change — the caseous and the fibrous. Both processes
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as, dyspnea, edema, gastric, hepatic, and renal disturbances, and
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ulceration, scar formation, and atrophic areas in varying degrees.
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ably affected as well as the lungs, and it is only in exceptional
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of quinine, in large doses, seems to cause a recurrence of haemo-
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of circumscribed, sharply marginated, more or less circular patches
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If the result of congestion of the brain or a syphilitic tumor, the
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in both dilatation of the ventricular cavity, and hypertrophy
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by the ripening of the placenta, and the liberation of a chemical
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pension of the patient during a period varying from one to four
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Causes. — ^The exciting cause is not well understood; by many
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the umbilicus. In some cases the pyloric end is down to or below
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Wheals or pomphi are circumscribed edematous elevations of the
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The incision in the abdominal wall should alwa5''S, when
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on both sides of the head, excited or aggravated by the movements
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met with, \z. pulmonary and toxic. In the former, grave pulmonary
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porates from them (Lazarski) , Lister has proposed to mix the bichloride
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ment. When just formed glycerine and belladonna is a favourite
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Pathological Anatomy. — ^At first the affection is attended by
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some anemia. But the patient usually seeks medical advice because
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conditions, to which the terms " heat-stroke," " sun-stroke " (in-
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cod-liver oil, syrup of the iodide of iron, and similar measures. Lo-
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chicken broths to which well-boiled rice has been added. In most
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Definition. — ^An acute catarrhal inflammation of the mucous
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The occurrence of an embolism may give rise to the charac-
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bromides and chloral may be necessary in severe cases.
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rigid, " orthotonos; " the body may be bent forward, " emprosthotonos; "
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and improper use of the voice, chronic rhinitis, and digestive dis-