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ployed to avoid the production of marked reactions.

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Carroll. — In New York, N. Y., on Saturday, June 21st,

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formulated the league's program, is chairman of The committee in its conclusions and recommen-

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many varieties of tuberculous skin lesions, although

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piled together, being suffered to run into a condition approach-

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basis of the clinical picture and this was corrobo-

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,nel direct, by a special act of Congress on March 9,

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days, was used in six cases of this series, with cur-

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I had seen it exercise in contracting and healing solutions of

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bridged successfully two parallel lines of interpre-

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Secretary. Section in Gastroejttterology and Proctology.

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habit of body, or state of the system, in all cases somewhat alike,

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cases appeared until the eighth day of the outbreak.

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reached a high level of efficiency and where health

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ways yielded to large doses of assafcetida ; and in one case, in

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Fig. j. — Misleading certificate issued by a manufacturer.

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is concerned, for the present at least, is answered adversely.

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whole extent of the inflamed surface, from which two pounds of

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to a general fulness than a distinct tumour : above all, the pul-

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Of the relative mortality of different species of fever, that

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ticemia ; successful treatment of septicemia, there-

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to 1,087 ^'^f the first five diseases, syphilis was

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mer, the kidney is unnaturally distended, and gorged with red

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tion, in which careful search will be made for acute

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leucocytes easily discernible in the squares of the

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