sharp border in the mucous coat, the sides converging in the muscular
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they are spread. In this way, I think that we might, in
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or more in diameter, are often seen. These appear to be
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the quantity was too small to be determined {Lancet, July 27, 1895,
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scarlet fever, then, is about a week, though often a day or two less.
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and stimulating applications should be made to the ulcerated areas.
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efficient application. The oleate of mercury, and boric acid may also
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In the cardiac type the infective process is engrafted upon an
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with the naked eye to be composed of a porous mass and to possess
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fined to the adults of both sexes of a family. It occurred in
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ing by phagedsena, develops an ulcer of an indolent character.
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bowels should be moved daily and the quantity'of urinary secretion
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some extent inhibited, and offensive secretions are cleared away.
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tension and allowing more thorough disinfection. Salicylic acid is an
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lumbar pains following the course of the ureters, and frequent
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indurated edge. The crusts fall and re-form from the thin ichorous
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1 to 1000, for 12 hours: then in an alcoholic 1 to 200 solution of
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gence and memory that the qualifying term "partial" is applicable.
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The leading features of the apyretic cases are extreme exhaustion
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cyanosis, has attracted much attention. Bernstein ^^ reported
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diminished. Later, there are increased secretion and overgrowth
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than a week, the diagnosis of suppurative meningitis is almost
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tive tissue, with a tendency to migrate into the testes or mammae,
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ous, gastric, and cutaneous S3anptoms, and whose cause is unsettled.
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at all; mental impairment; pressure in central region, causing aphasia,
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formity, constituting the various diseases to which special names are
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investigation will prove this principle to be of very wide application.
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in the lymphatics. The female produces an enormous number of
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repeated as often as necessary. It is sometimes more convenient
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meningeal inflammation. For these reasons these maladies will be
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is that of measles following scarlet fever ; and so on. If measles
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most frequent predisposing factors. The aflEection is most frequent
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stage. Thus it may manifest itself a few days after the first appear-