toxins (which are manufactured very rapidly) pass along the nerves
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reach of surgery, and are most suitably treated by the administra^
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the character of the eruptions, and their pecuUar selection of sites
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large doses. Tonics and a liberal diet are necessary to counteract
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discovered in the pus of these abscesses. Sometimes the affection
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difficulty if his eyes are opened. There is inability to preserve the
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a normal process in the transverse and ascending colon, and in
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for the prevention of the pitting of the skin, which, especially after
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capillaries and spreads to the fibrous tissue and parenchyma. The
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ministration of certain drugs. This form is influenced by individual
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and feeble, ranging from 130 to 160 per minute. These various
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of the scalp. In brunettes such applications may be used, but in
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deep-seated, pin-point to pin-head dull red spots. These gradually
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Treatment. — During the febrile stage the patient should be placed
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preceded by and occurs as a complication or sequela of such
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fresher than when the size of the organ is normal. The cor bovinum
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etc., may be given in acute attacks. A semisolid diet is permissible
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in drugs was complete, and his treatment always " expectant,"
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physical vigour and open-air life. The degree of protection con-
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a typical vaccine vesicle ; and more important still, that when
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lying tissue, having its origin in lymphatic obstruction and character-
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disease in the rabbit and rodents generally. It is, however, occa-
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of the neck and thyroid gland may be felt and seen. The enlargement
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by the eyelids. Pulsation of the retinal arteries can be seen with
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cord. I have published twenty-seven experiments in which the corpus
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occurs in later childhood, is most common during the first year of
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observation. In some cases the virus enters through the mucous
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She was fed by rectal enules of meat and milk, and also