puric adds. After meals, it may be neutral or even alkaline.
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of the ordinary contents of the stomach, but is soon replaced by
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in many tropical localities, but may spread thence in an epidemic
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or less metallic quality in irritable heart and during gaseous distention
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Stiffness and rigidity of the head are usually stated to be
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through the intact mucous membrane of the ahmentary tract,
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the mental condition ; for instance, parental alcoholism and
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every dressing of a wound , the hands and forearms of the surgeon,
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A saturated solution of boric acid, alone or in powder, with equal
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tions may serve as the focus of infection from which a suppurative
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The principal and indeed the only essential morbid appear-
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perature, headache, backache, and vomiting. Micturition is apt to
ally. The late Charles D. Meigs always used powdered alum alone
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ing, not a local one, is more analogous to the effusion into
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the fingers, toes, ears, and nose, following on exposure to severe cold,
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of one-per-cent. solution of tuberculin into the inner angle of the eye ; but
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loose shoes." After a week or ten days the ointment may be discon-
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A recent case, in Leopold Ward, illustrates this complication.
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stools of the former will serve to make the diagnosis.
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similar drugs should be administered. Fresh air, sunlight, exercise,
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The fact that this diastolic increase in the size of the heart
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edema and infiltration, the marked constitutional Sjrmptoms, and
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the patient subject to attacks of epilepsy or with a persistent head-
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that part relating to the early growth and development of his
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Tuberctdosis of the pelvis of the kidney has many points in com-
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sulphuric, in doses of TTlx to xv (0.66 to i c.c), of the dilute acid are
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result of the adhesive inflammation between the medulla and
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little to be heard, and this is a point of some value in diagnosis—
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irritability, intense mental anxiety, feverishness, anorexia, hoarse-
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Symptoms. — They may be unattended by sjrmptoms or there
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sponding area remains after the fluid is let out. The condition
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The subacute and chronic varieties have the same general symptoms,
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ously or as the result of a sudden effort at coughing or vomiting.