advantage chloride of zinc may also be used. Iodoform should not
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dependent on its location, and also the diflSculty of isolating it from
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condition, apart from any disease special to the organs involved ; and
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tion of the presence of a foreign body in the throat, and with hoarse-
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repeated at intervals of days, weeks, months, or even years.
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In health there are two direct blood currents upon each side of the
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irregularities, or a circumscribed lesion, a gumma* The acquired
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in our opinion, the conditions, met with in chronic cases of
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painful sensations present themselves. This phenomenon is espe-
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considered to enter by the anus, the mouth, or the nostrils. Any
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of certain groups of muscles. The paralysis is proportionate to the
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ming, or wheezing, or they are often musical tones. When produced
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Those in robust health have a better chance of recovery than those
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and arsenic, and corrosive poisons such as the mineral adds, corro-
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with blood. Rarely a hemorrhage occurs from the mucous membrane
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There was a rounded swelling, bulging the rectum, about the
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some forgetfulness. Sleep should be secured by the exhibition of
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Proteus group in the spleen, liver, and kidneys of two fatal cases,
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practically no cicatrization occurs or scar remains. The glands in
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The vesicular murmur may undergo, in disease, changes in its
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Symptoms. — ^The principal symptom is blood, of varjring quantity,
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to the colon-typhoid group of bacilli possessing flagella and motility.
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Treatment — ^This is unsatisfactory and consists largely in measures
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few accidents that give rise to more alarming symptoms than
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without any involvement of the skin of the scrotum. This has
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sore is much indurated, the induration being of a cartilaginous
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Inspection serves to detect the exact point of the cardiac impulse,
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Treatment — ^When the cause can be ascertained, it should be
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the immoderate use of tea, coffee, alcohol, and tobacco. It is also a
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The peroneal type: Wasting first appears in the muscles of the
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out either by scarification, by puncture, or by multiple superficial
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of pure water or the alkaline mineral waters such as Farmville lithia,
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less tendency than articular rheumatism to shift from one joint (or
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seen. There may be a simultaneous outburst of many nodules,