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to parentage, and will thus escape from the awkward pre-
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mouth must be frequently taken during this process.
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the attacks, the general health should be improved and all possible
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forming a fossa for the lachrymal giand. The floor of the
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change are so great in fever as to interfere with the functional
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They may be regarded as illustrating the acute acquired variety
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etc., over a long period, are common causes. It is in most cases due
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of exaggerated sensibility or hyperesthesia, as shown by the marked
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Bridge, late of Devonport, in which he referred to the harmful
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does, a true specific for the disease, the simultaneous adojjtion of
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5. The younger the animal, up to certain limits, the more readily it
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secondary stage mucous patches must be diagnosed from dental
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Roughly speaking, the doses, which I have used, varied
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2. The abortive form. — Here the earlier symptoms may be
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of the kidney; the term pyelonephritis is used when the inflammation
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on the right side, with a cavity at the apex of the uppermost
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difference in mortality arising from the fact of blackwater fever
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who have once been attacked (see//. Tropical Med., Nov. 1898).
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of the demands of normal metabolism. The myocardium suffers
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ten days, the constant pressure results in sloughing of the overlying
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the child lost consciousness ; the attacks lasted from one to
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Antifebrin and similar preparations may be of benefit but in severe
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Hematemesis, or hemorrhage from the stomach, differs from hem-
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epidemics only were general, every nation in Europe being severely
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that it is a little enlarged ; but microscopically profound changes
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Neuroses, 301 ; Treatment of Coryza in Infants, 301 ; Blood Serum as a
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white sediment containing a small amount of albumin. Blood viU
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been attributed to lice, but are not necessarily associated with them!