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Death in 70 per cent of the cases occurs during the first six days of

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Treatment — Rest is indicated, but the patient should avoid lying

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against by daily examination over the bladder, and irrigation with

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The most approved internal remedies are quinine, with potassium

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from generalized syphilis. In some cases of latent and tertiary

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defects. If the left ventricle fails, then, and then onl}', is

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its cause, any particulars, which throw further light on the

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was opened. This fluid was deficient in acidity, and contained

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convert protein into albumose, peptone, and amino-compounds,

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viscera discharging into a bronchus, tuberculous cavities, bronchiec-

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and dusted with the calomel-starch powder mentioned above.

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owing to putrefactive changes, and is gradually thrown off, perhaps

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changing, by amceba-like movements, to shapes resembling a disc, a star,

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upon, that it is often the presence of the former which calls for an

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I cannot stand. It is all in my stomach, that is the trouble,

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of epileptic maniacs progress to dementia in from five to ten years.

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low urges the use of ammonium iodide and ammonium carbonate