chronic tubal nephritis; chronic albtuninuria; large white kidney.
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In tmfavorable cases perforation is liable to occur at this stage.
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tubercles. The tubercles show a strong tendency to cluster, then
This is accomplished by scrupulous cleansing and disinfection
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fever. Some attempts have been made to find out whether the amount
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Bacteriology. — The specific infecting agent in measles is
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Salts. — It is generally believed that soluble mineral salts
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j(nnts and muscles, and a peculiar eruption; the second paroxysm
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by a tight cord, the "girdle pains," is a characteristic sjrmptom, and
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and paralytic affections, and these are absent in epidemic dropsy.
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stances. While usually located in the "pit" of the stomach it may
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sterno-mastoid, the incision should be placed posterior to the
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scarlet fever, and measles which it may sometimes resemble. For
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that in a good home, in healthy surroundings, under suitable
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skin. These are first found, and in greatest numbers, on those
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hazel, alkaline baths, and acid bath. Duhring recommends the
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with rapid rise of temperature to 103° or 104° R, and of pulse to,
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are not a little mistifyiiig. For instance, a wide and general
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the lungs" as a child, and showed evidence of old Morbus
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in the used member, the part feeling fatigued and heavy, eventually
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in the latter, separation of bowel with division of adhesions
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possible disturbance to the pulse, respiration, and nutrition generally ; other
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infective conditions or " infections " is based not entirely upon the
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the vessels are then to be sought out and seized with the forceps
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diabetic coma or, rarely, uremia. The complications are often the
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was much the same as when he first entered the hospital,
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seems arrested. No blood has been seen in the sputum since
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hours. In exceptional cases, particularly when there is much